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Microsoft IIS Escape Character Parsing Vulnerability patch  v.1

RFC 1738 specifies that web servers must allow hexadecimal digits to be input in URLs by preceding them with the so-called escape character, a percent sign. IIS complies with this specification, but also accepts characters after the percent sign that

Microsoft IIS Virtual Directory Naming Vulnerability patch  v.1

If a file on one of the affected web server products resides in a virtual directory whose name contains a legal file extension, the normal server-side processing of the file canbe bypassed. The vulnerability would manifest itself in different ways

IISTracer - IIS monitor tool  v.2.8.0

IISTracer is a real-time internet web site monitoring tool for Microsoft IIS (all versions). The software lets you show what is happenning on IIS server right now. You can see or log state of each request, incomming/outgoing bytes, http headers and

IIS Password  v.1.0

IISPassword by Troxo is the add-on for Microsoft IIS which password protects contents without using system user accounts. Compatible with htaccess on Apache. User-friendly interface, fully integrated with IIS. IISPassword can be integrated with

StopKiddie  v.1.0

A very poor attempt to stop kiddie script attacking Microsoft IIS Ftp. The code is in VB.Net. It looks for the string "The server was unable to logon the Windows NT account windows" events. After 5 attempts it runs a script (i.e. to stop FTP

BareGrep  v.3.50a

A free file finding and text searching tool: * Regular expression text search * High performance search algorithm * Wildcard and regular expression file search * Recursive directory search * Save, name and manage text search patterns

BareTail  v.3.50a

A free real-time log file monitoring tool: * Real-time file viewing * Follow tail mode (like tail -f on Unix) * View files of any size (> 2GB) * Scroll to any point in the file instantly * Configurable highlighting

"Sign Here!" Guestbook  v.1.01

Free guestbook for your web site. Visitors can leave comments, guestbook owner can edit, remove or reply. The guest book has easily customized interface. Users can insert emoticons (smiles), hyperlinks and other formatting into messages. To run the

Roadsend PHP Compiler  v.2.9.4

Roadsend PHP Compiler 2.9.4 offers a new open yet free source native compiler for the PHP language. It compiles PHP source code to stand alone, native binaries which do not require an interpreter.Roadsend Compiler can build online web applications

MIME Email message class  v.2011.01.28

Class that may be used to compose and send e-mail messages

Drupal for linux  v.7.12

Drupal is a content management/discussion/community engine suitable to set up a portal site.

Microsoft Application Request Routing for IIS  v.7.1.0

Microsoft Application Request Routing for IIS 7 1.

Microsoft FastCGI Extension for IIS  v.1.5

Microsoft FastCGI Extension for IIS 1.5 is popular among many users as a helpful and creative utility which enables popular application frameworks that support FastCGI protocol to be hosted on the IIS web server in a high-performance and reliable

Microsoft WebDAV 7.5 for IIS  v.7.5

Enable powerful publishing capabilities for your Web environment.

Microsoft FTP Publishing Service for IIS  v.7.0

A substantial step forward for helping you to enable powerful publishing capabilities for your Web environmentMicrosoft has created a new FTP service that has been completely rewritten for Windows Server 2008. This new FTP service incorporates many

IIS LDAP Authentication ISAPI Module  v.2.0alpha.12252006

IIS LDAP Auth provides LDAP authentication functionality to the Microsoft Internet Information Server (IIS) with an ISAPI-compliant

ADX Toys for Microsoft Excel  v.1.0

Is a COM add-in that adds several useful features to Microsoft Excel (see screenshot). The add-in is based on Add-in Express technology ( ADX Toys for Microsoft Excel supports MS Excel 2000 and higher.

ADX Toys for Microsoft Outlook  v.1.0

ADX Toys for Microsoft Outlook is a COM add-in that adds several useful features to Outlook (see screenshot). The add-in is based on Add-in Express technology ( ADX Toys for MS Outlook supports Outlook 2K and higher

Microsoft SearchPerks  v.1.1

Microsoft released SearchPerks, Internet Explorer toolbar that allows to earn great prizes just for searching the Web on Gigantic giveaway. Sign up for SearchPerks before its too late!!!

Online Microsoft Project Viewer  v.1.0

Free desktop client for online Microsoft Project Viewer service. This web service lets you view mpp files online without the need to purchase and install MS

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